Wildlife Observation Lane Creation in Olive Branch, MS

Mississippi is home to wonderful wildlife ranging from backyard birds to bottlenose dolphins. Here in Olive Branch, common wildlife includes raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, and even armadillos.

If you want to enjoy bird watching or wildlife viewing from the convenience of your own property, then you want to work with a professional developer to create a wildlife observation lane.

Picture yourself relaxing on a sunny morning, a steaming mug of tea or coffee in hand, listening to the birds sing as squirrels scatter up tree trunks. Nearby, a deer forages for leaves, and you can hear the peaceful rustling of leaves all around you.
This can be a reality you get to enjoy every day with our professional services.

Wildlife Observation Lane Creation

What Is a Wildlife Observation Lane?

This dedicated pathway is your own personal nature observatory. We create a beautiful lane on your property that seamlessly connects you to surrounding nature. No wildlife is ever disturbed by the process, either.

With a wildlife observation lane in Olive Branch, MS, you can experience the peace of being in harmony with nature without having to take a long hike or risk trekking across dangerous trails. Your own lane is the easiest way to connect with nature more and appreciate the world around you without needing to venture into the wilderness.

How to Observe Wildlife From the Comfort of Home

Our specialized outdoor experts can help create a beautiful wildlife experience in your own backyard. You can start to observe wildlife at home by following a few simple tips:

Respect Nature

Give animals their space so they can continue to live freely and take care of the environment. We want to help you do your part by creating a safe place to observe and appreciate the marvels of nature without ever intruding upon it.

Pick the Right Location

We help our clients select the best spot on their property to observe wildlife. A good viewing point will keep enough distance from animals to avoid disturbing them while giving you plenty of opportunity to witness the beauty of nature at your own pace.

Keep a Safe Distance

It’s best to stay at least 25 yards away from wildlife. This distance is increased to at least 100 yards in areas with predatory animals like bears. Our experienced land management technicians will assess your property and use their expert knowledge of surrounding wildlife to create the safest observation lane for you.

Take It Slow

Slow movements help you avoid startling wildlife and sending animals running off for cover. Pull up a cozy seat on your personal observation lane to enjoy watching wildlife at leisure.

Benefits of Building a Wildlife Observation Lane

If you love being outdoors and want to watch wildlife on your property, you can benefit from building your own observation lane for several reasons.

Protect Wildlife

Observation lanes can serve as wildlife crossings that offer safer routes for foraging critters. This reduces their risk of being injured while attempting to cross roads or wandering through peoples’ backyards.

You can complement your wildlife observation lane with winter bird shelters that create safe spaces for birds and provide more birdwatching opportunities.

Study Wildlife

The best way to learn about wildlife is to spend time being present in it. Children and adults learn a lot from wildlife observation, as it inspires you to ask more questions and learn more about your surroundings and local ecosystem.

Promote Healthy Habitats

You can enhance your wildlife observation lane by planting important plant species that animals rely on for food and shelter. Fruit and nut-bearing trees are particularly good at drawing animals to your land, and they offer year-round benefits to the environment as well.

Flowering plants can also be an excellent addition to your backyard as they attract pollinating insects that go on to spread speeds throughout the area. This leads to a more vibrant, thriving natural community. We always suggest planting native Mississippi plants that provide food and shelter to local wildlife. These include:

  • Flowering plants: Blue phlox produces beautiful, bright flowers that can attract hummingbirds, Cottontail rabbits, moths, and butterflies. Milkweed, American beautyberry, butterfly weed, and aster are also good choices that add visual depth and beauty to your wildlife observation land.
  • Trees: The flowering dogwood, Southern magnolia, white oak, and Loblolly pines offer great shelter for birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.
  • Shrubs: Elderberry, blackberry, wild plum, sumac, and cotoneaster shrubs are great native Mississippi plants that provide shelter and food to local wildlife.

If you aren’t sure what type of plants to choose, we can help. It’s important to consider what types of animals are already in your area, then optimize your wildlife observation area for their needs. For example, hummingbirds like tubular flowers that are easy to drink nectar from, so planting some bee balm, trumpet honeysuckle, or red cardinal flower could increase their presence.

How to Start Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard

It all begins by consulting with a professional who can assess your land and determine the optimal placement for an observation lane. We’ll identify which portions of the property need to be cleared while strategically deciding how to do so without disturbing local wildlife.

We’ll help you create a safe wildlife crossing and observation lane that animals love. This also enhances your property value and gives you a greater ability to witness the beauty of nature close to home.

We can help you create the perfect space for observing wildlife through a number of forestry services that promote a healthy, happy environment. Everything we do is backed by science, and we carefully consider the impacts of each project on wildlife and plant life before making any moves.

Start Planning Your Wildlife Observation Lane in Olive Branch, MS, Today

We are delighted that you want to protect wildlife and create a safe space for them on your property. Let us help you create the best environment for you and all the animals that call Olive Branch home to live harmoniously together.

Contact us today to consult with a forestry service specialist and get a free quote for your project. We look forward to hearing from you!