Eco-Friendly Land Clearing and Management Services in Memphis, TN

Protect the Planet While Caring for Your Property

Our Memphis, TN, land clearing services connect you with expert technicians that can handle any job you have for them. From backyard renovations to agricultural land management, if you need a professional’s help, we’re here for you.

Every acre counts in our eyes. That’s why we want to help our customers save money and be more eco-friendly through affordable, sustainable land clearing services.

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Explore Our Land Clearing Services Near Memphis, TN

We offer every type of clearing service you need to make your property beautiful and increase its value and potential. Want to expand? We can help create more room by carefully removing unwanted trees, shrubbery, and plants.

Looking to improve your land’s visual appearance? Let us help by removing unnecessary vegetation taking up space to create room for landscaping designs. Take a look at all of the services we offer. Contact us anytime for a free quote or to get answers about land clearing from an expert.

Backyard Clearing

Renovating a backyard can be a big undertaking in Memphis. If you have a lot of trees, shrubs, or overgrowth obscuring views, we can make plenty of room through eco-friendly backyard clearing.

If you want to hand off maintenance, we’ll keep your yard beautiful year-round by mowing the grass, cutting down shrubs, pruning trees, and removing leaves and other debris. You can call us to clean your backyard in Memphis any time and even set up a routine schedule to ensure your lawn is always pristine.

Bush Hogging

Also known as rotary cutting, this land clearing process involves using a rotary cutter to skillfully cut large fields of tall grass and scale back shrubbery, hedges, vines, and small trees.

If you own a farm or large plot of land in Memphis, you’ll want to work with an expert with the right equipment to easily maintain your property. When you want to quickly clear space, bush hogging is a straightforward, cost-effective method perfect for creating pastures and fields or scaling overgrowth back to manageable heights.

Fence Line Clearing

Overgrowth can quickly weigh down your fences and lead to damages. Routine fence line maintenance is essential for farmers and ranchers, but it is a large-scale job that can be difficult to maintain with everything else on your plate.
Let us handle your fence line, so you can focus on doing more of what you love on your property. We’ll ensure that thick bushes, invasive vines, and persistent weeds are all cut away from your fence, so it can keep what counts in and everything else out.

Underbrush Clearing

Underbrush can easily get out of hand, but we can help you make headway with our professional-grade equipment. We take a science-backed approach to underbrush clearing, ensuring unwanted shrubs, hedges, and other plants are uprooted and transformed into soil-nourishing mulch.

Protect your property from wildfire risks while creating space for plants to thrive. If you want to expand buildings, underbrush clearing is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted vegetation while taking care of the soil beneath it.

Forestry Mulching

Our mulching services are an eco-friendly land clearing solution that prioritizes the environment. We want to care for local wildlife and promote strong growth of desired plants to keep your land thriving.

If you’ve recently acquired a large property that’s unusable due to fallen trees, logs, branches, and overgrowth, why not clear it and do some good for the planet while you’re at it? This eco-friendly alternative to clearing land helps prevent wildfires while increasing your useable land and providing nutrient-rich mulch to the Earth.

Wildlife Observation Lane Construction

Take in Memphis wildlife with your own observation lane. Not only do they bring you closer to nature, but they also help protect animals by creating wildlife crossings to keep them off roads.

We can construct a wildlife observation lane on your property to increase its value and elevate its natural beauty. If you have a lot of land and aren’t sure what to do with it, an observation lane could be the perfect addition to your property.

Why Work With Mallard Land Management?

Our family-owned and operated business strives to deliver the most professional, accessible land clearing services in Memphis, TN. We want our clients to feel supported every step of the way, whether they’re redoing their backyard or trying to start a farm.

Managing a residential or commercial property with a lot of space is challenging on your own. That’s why we’ve created a diverse offering that covers all your bases and protects your land while saving you money. Here’s what you can expect by working with our team:

Science-Backed Solutions From Eco Experts

We love taking care of the environment and helping our clients do the same. We’ve developed our own eco-friendly methods for clearing land and maintaining properties throughout Memphis that give back to Mother Nature.
Every strategy is thoughtfully designed with the Earth in mind. Why fill landfills when we can give back to our planet instead?

Exceptional Service From Seasoned Experts

Our team has been managing land for years. We know how to craft the perfect land clearing and forestry solutions for every client and deliver outstanding results every time. We follow up with you to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with our work before we’re finished.

Customized Care to Support Your Vision

Whether you want to create a safe space to observe wildlife at home or need help creating space for a new fence on your property, we are here to help. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver the greatest results for every client, no matter the size of their land.

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We are always here to answer questions and help you choose the right solution for your needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our Memphis land management experts. You can request a free quote on our site or call us at (901) 657-4728.