Bush Hogging in Olive Branch, MS

When you own several acres of land, it can be difficult to maintain and care for it; not only does it require a lot of time, but with all of the empty space and grass, that’s a lot of space to cover for mowing. When you want to perform maintenance on your land while saving time and money, bush hogging services in Olive Branch, MS, is the perfect solution.

With bush hogging services from Mallard’s View Land Management, our team can help you cut down and maintain a variety of properties, such as fields, pastures, and hunting grounds. We will help your property return to its healthiest without disturbing the grass and soil underneath. Not to mention, we provide excellent customer service and 24/7 support services.

bush hogging

What Is Bush Hogging?

Bush hogging, sometimes referred to as brush hogging or rotary cutting, refers to the brand name of the very first rotary cutter, known as the Bush Hog®. It has now grown to become an adjective to describe using a rotary cutter to mow fields of tall grass, bushes, vines, and small trees.

The rotary cutter is attached to the back of a tractor and drug along to clear overgrown grass in areas that are relatively free of large bumps and rocks. It works similarly to a mower but is not ideal for golf courses or football fields, which would require a cleaner, more precise cut, which is not the purpose of a rotary cutter.

So if a rotary cutter isn’t clean or precise, why do it? For remote areas such as fields, pastures, and bare properties, the goal is to cut the grass down to a more manageable height.

Bush hogging is preferred over other methods because it doesn’t mess with the soil beneath. Instead, it cuts down the brush and allows the vegetation left to grow and survive, now healthier without the dense brush.

Who Can Benefit From Bush Hogging

Bush hogging is incredibly beneficial to business and property owners who own large land areas that aren’t used frequently. Examples of properties that would benefit from bush hogging services in Olive Branch, MS, include: 

  • Pastures
  • Fields
  • Hunting grounds
  • Patches of grass along roads and highways


Since these are not areas that are used every day and often remain empty for months at a time, it’s not necessary to mow them regularly. They can also span for acres, making mowing a huge hassle. That’s where bush hogging can help keep the land more manageable.

Benefits of Bush Hogging

Bush hogging poses many benefits to large property owners and farmers alike.


Bush hogging is a highly efficient way to remove brush and trim down tall grass on your extensive property. Mowers cannot trim down the brush and will likely be damaged or worn down quicker if used to regularly cut down tall grasses. Not to mention, they are much smaller than rotary cutters, making it take much longer to trim down an entire field. Overall, using a bush hogger is much quicker and is made specifically to handle large amounts of brush and grass.


Rotary cutters are designed to cut the brush and grass above the surface of the soil so it doesn’t disturb the roots of any of the vegetation below. This is important for supporting the growth and the soil of the field to ensure that the grasses can continue to grow. Other methods, such as bulldozing or digging, disturb the soil beneath, pulling out the grass in addition to the weeds, hurting grass growth.

Promotes Growth

Due to rotary cutters being designed with the health of the vegetation in mind, it only eliminates the brush and overgrowth above the soil. The intense amount of brush can prevent the growth of healthy grass, which is why it’s necessary to cut it back. However, if the brush is bulldozed or dug out, then the grass goes with it, removing the reason for cutting the brush.

That’s why rotary cutters are great for promoting grass growth and healthy soil. Not only will the grass roots stay intact to enable healthy growth, but the roots are also good for the well-being of the soil. The roots not only help the grass grow, but it also returns necessary nutrients back to the soil, providing a number of benefits.

Doesn’t Have To Be Done Often

Bush hogging services are also great because they do not have to be performed as often as mowing. Because the areas where bush hogging is usually required are not used often, they only have to be trimmed down every six months or so, depending on the area and the land you own. This is great for saving time and money.

How Often Should Your Bush Hog Your Property?

How you use your property will help to determine how often you should bush hog. Also, you may experience more growth of brush in certain regions depending on the amount of sunlight and water your land is getting.

For pastures or bare lands, which are not often used for purposes other than livestock, you need only to mow about every six months or so. In comparison, land that is almost never used only has to be cleared when you need it. How often you bush hog will also be determined by how you want your property to look. Ultimately, the decision is yours and your purpose for the land.

For example, if you’re keeping livestock, you’ll want to bush hog often enough to keep the land manageable for livestock to live and graze in.

Quality Bush Hogging Services in Olive Branch, MS

Bush hogging services in Olive Branch, MS, are essential to the health and maintenance of a variety of properties. Our licensed team has years of expertise in providing high-quality property maintenance and forestry mulching. Whether you own residential or commercial property, you can count on us to utilize commercial-grade equipment to provide professional land-clearing services. Bush hogging is a big job, so leave it to our team while you do the things you want to do. Contact us today at 662-430-3298 or fill out our online forum to get a free quote on our bush hogging services in Olive Branch, MS.