Forestry Mulching in Olive Branch, MS

If your primarily wooded land has become dried up, overgrown, or out of control, forestry mulching in Olive Branch, MS, could be the answer. When you own an acre or more of property, it can be tiresome trying to maintain the landscape and ensure all vegetation and trees are kept up with. Unless farming and caring for your land is your occupation, or you have extra hands to help keep up with the property, you’ll likely be left with overgrown brush and fallen, dead trees. Now that you are left with all of this property that’s taken up but unusable, what do you do? Clearing the land will be tedious and could leave the soil dry and dusty, but leaving it how it is won’t help either.

Forestry mulching is an environmentally friendly alternative to clear the land and leave behind nutrient-dense mulch to protect the soil from the harsh sun and stiff winds. In time, you can even use the property again however you’d like. Mallard’s View Land Management can provide you with quick and efficient forestry mulching services in Olive Branch, MS. In no time, your property can be cleaned up and healthy again, ready to survive and thrive for future generations. Contact us today for a free quote on our services.

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What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a less labor-intensive form of clearing land that does not require government authorization. In this process, mulchers are driven over or hauled along the land, collecting brush and dead trees and leaving it behind as mulch. 

Mulchers come in a variety of styles, such as: 

  • Freestanding mulchers – This is a plastic funnel that is fed the vegetation and wood and creates the mulch. 
  • Commercial mulchers – These are the most common and are similar to freestanding mulchers; however, they are made up of heavy, durable steel to withstand bigger jobs. 
  • Lawn tractor mulchers – These are devices drug along behind tractors, collecting debris and depositing mulch behind it as it goes. 
  • Dual-purpose mulchers – This type of mulcher is incredibly useful because it can cut down debris, feed itself, and then turn it into mulch. 


Forestry mulching has gained in popularity as a method for clearing land and brush due to being better for the environment than other options. Rather than clearing the land of all debris and leaving the soil dry and exposed to the elements, this method redeposits the mulch back onto the earth to protect the soil and provide it with nutrients.

Benefits of Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is incredibly beneficial not only to the environment but to both you and your property as well.

Environmentally Friendly

As we mentioned, forestry mulching has become popular due to being an environmentally friendly option for land clearing. Instead of hauling away all of the brush and trees–that may be otherwise taken to a landfill–only to leave the land bare and dry, it can instead be repurposed and reused. Not to mention, common practices for land clearing involve uprooting trees and brush, hurting the soil. With forestry mulching in Olive Branch, MS, the soil is replenished and nourished.


Rather than dragging out multiple pieces of equipment, from bulldozers to claw excavators, clearing land can be difficult. Then all of the brush and trees must be collected and picked up, and disposed of, making for a long process with multiple steps. With forestry mulching–depending on the type of mulcher–the brush and trees are collected and turned into mulch which is then dispersed, and then you’re done! This can most likely be completed within a day for an acre of land.

No Permits Necessary

Land clearing used to require permits and paperwork. However, because forestry mulching can be done with little effect on the environment, there are no permits required.

Better for the Soil

We began discussing how soil can benefit from mulching, but let’s take a closer look. When brush, weeds, and trees are taken from the soil, this not only disturbs the soil but leaves it without any source of nutrients. This can then lead to the soil becoming dry and infertile. Further, the sun will then have direct access to the soil throughout the day, leaving it to dry out further. All of these factors come together to turn the top layer of soil into dry dust that can easily be picked up by the wind and is not ideal for planting and regrowth.

Mulch provides the nutrients needed for soil to remain healthy and fertile and provides a layer of protection from the sun. This layer prevents the soil from drying out, keeping it moist and less susceptible to wind.

For those looking to use their land, you will want to keep it fertile and healthy, and forestry mulching is the best way to take those dead and lifeless wooded areas and make them new.

What Types of Land Is Forestry Mulching For?

Forestry mulching can be used for a wide array of purposes and properties, including: 

  • Backyards
  • Gardens
  • Commercial and private properties
  • Wetlands
  • Wildfire prevention
  • Invasive species prevention


Forestry mulching is most beneficial in areas with fallen brush and branches and dying trees and brush because it works best for making mulch. As you can see, there are several applications for this service. That’s why if you have land that is dying or dead and needs to be cleared, Mallard’s View Land Management should be your first call.

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If you have a wooded area on your property that’s dying or dead, it’s time to clear it out. Forestry mulching is the perfect solution whether you’re looking to clean up your property or start using the space for gardening. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and beneficial to the soil.

Our practice team has seen all types of properties, and we are prepared for any situation. We can also provide you with a free quote and explain the steps involved, as well as answer any questions you may have. We appreciate honesty and integrity, which is why we will keep you updated from beginning to end. Contact us today to get a free quote for your forestry mulching services in Olive Branch, MS.