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About Us

We Are Professional Land Management

Mallard’s View Land Management is a family owned & operated land clearing and forestry mulching company. We help property owners of residential and/or commercial land get the hassle-free land clearing help they need for any project. Our commercial-grade equipment and seasoned land-clearing team are capable of tackling any land clearing job our clients throw at us.

What We Do

Land Management Services

Our exceptional services are great for a variety of properties, including residential, commercial and farmland. 

Wildlife Observation Lanes

We can create or expand wildlife observation lanes to fit all your needs.

Underbrush Mulching

We'll get rid of your underbrush and turn it into environmentally-friendly mulch.

Clearing for Fence Lines

We'll clear out a path so you can easily access your property line for fencing.

Backyard Clearing

We can get rid of all that overgrowth and unwanted brush in your backyard.

Forestry Mulching

We'll clear the area out and create environmentally-friendly mulch.

Other Clearing Services

Whether it's for an access road or to beautify a space, we're here to do it.

Why Choose Us

Affordable & Professional Services

Whether it’s clearing your property for a new fence or crafting lane to observe wildlife at a safe distance, Mallard is there to get it done. 

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Our team of trained professionals have the skills needed to take care of your property.


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We're passionate about what we do, ensuring you get the very best.

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