Land Clearing in Olive Branch, MS

When starting on a new build, it can be daunting looking at a large overgrown lot and trying to imagine a home, business, or other structure standing where dead trees and tall grass now sit. But, once you can get that lot cleared, you can start to see the land for the potential it really has. Plus, once you have the land cleared, you’ll have made it through the first step to getting your project completed. If you’re looking for land clearing services in Olive Branch, MS, Mallard’s View Land Management is pleased to provide such services to farmers, homeowners, and contractors alike.

Whether you’re looking to clear the land to start a new build or clean up a portion of your land that has become overgrown and neglected, land clearing services are the solution you’re looking for. We can clean overgrown bushes and grass, dead or dying trees, debris, and tall weeds so you can start from scratch. Mallard’s View Land Management utilizes high-quality and efficient equipment and tools so you can get your land cleared quickly and stay on top of your timeline. With our experience and skills, we know how to deal with even the most overgrown and unkempt properties. No need to try to do it all yourself; hire professionals and spend less time and money. Contact us today to learn more about our land clearing services in Olive Branch, MS, and get a free quote!

land clearing in Olive Branch

What’s Included in Land Clearing Services?

Land clearing involves removing any and all debris, including weeds, large rocks, tall grass, dead or dying trees, and more. The goal of our services is to provide you with a clean slate so you can start fresh and do with your land as you please.

When you choose our land clearing services in Olive Branch, MS, you are getting the following services:

  • Land surveying
  • Permits (if needed)
  • Trimming, mowing, and cutting down overgrown and dying vegetation
  • Clearing of old structures and obstacles
  • Clean-up of debris
  • Regrading and leveling the land

If you are interested in clearing a lot or part of a property to start a new project, new build, or start over at ground level, land clearing is what you need. Mallard’s View Land Management has the equipment and knowledge to provide efficient services for any type of land, no matter the size. Contact us today to learn more.

Who Does Land Clearing Benefit?

As we’ve mentioned, land clearing is not simply a clean-up of a property where you will have trees trimmed and grass moved, such as with backyard clearing. Land clearing is for those looking to start over with a completely clean lot. Those who may benefit from such services include:


If you are a contractor looking to start a new build, land clearing services would clean up the land and provide a level surface to start at. Because we would get rid of all trees and regrade the land, you can expect the perfect lot to begin laying down the foundation.


Some farmers own a great deal of land, but they are not growing crops in every part of it. Some sections of land are left untouched for cattle, equipment storage, and so on. However, if they decide that they would like to begin growing crops in that area, it’s key to start with an empty, leveled lot.

Property Owners

For property owners living in remote or rural areas, it’s fairly common for acres of their property to go untouched. If they are looking to clear up land that has become overgrown and messy or they want to make use of that property, they may hire land clearing services.

There are other reasons you may clear land, too, such as for safety reasons, such as to prevent fires and remove hazards from fallen or dead trees.

Benefits of Land Clearing

Land clearing is an advantageous service, not only because it helps customers start fresh but also because of the aesthetic and environmental benefits.

Promotes Growth

For those looking to grow crops or start new growth of plants and trees, land clearing promotes the growth of this new vegetation. When land has become overgrown and crowded, it’s more difficult for plant life to grow and survive. This can be due to a number of factors, such as less access to water, sunlight, and necessary nutrients. When the land has been cleared, and fresh vegetation can grow, they can all get better access to these necessities, as long as they are maintained.

Improve Soil

Another issue that arises when the land has been allowed to grow unchecked is that there is a larger presence of weeds, which is bad for both the plants and the soil. These weeds then lead to fewer nutrients and, with time, soil erosion, making the land poor for growing anything at all. When the land is cleared, regraded, and leveled, the soil is redistributed and all unhealthy plant life removed, improving the quality of the soil.

Makes Land Usable

Of course, the biggest issue that comes with overgrown and unkempt land is that it is no longer usable. By clearing the land and starting over fresh, you can use the land for any purpose you see fit, even if it is just to start over with new grass and trees.

Reduce Pests

Unfortunately, overgrown grass and brush are the perfect habitats for pests which can then spread into the surrounding properties or into your own home if you live on the property. Whether you intend to use the property or not, land clearing services get rid of the home for these pests, reducing their population and making it safer and cleaner for other properties in the surrounding area.

Increase Aesthetics and Appeal

Having large amounts of brush and overgrowth on your property can hurt its value and appeal if you are trying to sell it. By keeping the land cleaned up and clear, even if you do not plan to use it, you can keep it safe, clean, and beautiful.

Efficient Land Clearing Services in Olive Branch, MS

When looking to start a new project or simply clean up your property, land clearing services from Mallard’s View Land Management are the best investment. We provide excellent services at a competitive price. Plus, with our skills and experience, we can provide you with a clean property in the most efficient amount of time. Contact us today, and we will survey your property and provide you with a free quote.